Stair Noise

Stair nosing helps improve the overall safety of the staircase – it helps prevent slips and falls and adds a sense of security. Stair nosing helps increase the visibility of each tread, clearly defining where it ends and provides individuals the assurance (and safety) to walk up and down the stairs. This is most important for those visually impaired.

Stair nosing is placed at the end of a stair tread that most people step on. The area that endures the most wear and tear, and protects the most exposed areas of the stair tread. Another reason it is used is that it helps increase the lifespan of the stairs

AS 1428.1:2009 Australian Standard. “Design for access and mobility Part 1: General requirements for access-New building work”, section 11.1 “Stair Construction”, is one part of a broader standard used to increase accessibility for people with vision impairments.