About CME Tactile

CME has led the manufacture of high-grade composites in Australia for 50 years. Materials technology and design innovation has given CME the leading edge in product development for the Automotive, Building & Construction and Transport industries.

Drawing on this experience, CME Tactile has designed a Tactile TGSI that is Australian Made, for Australian conditions.

Home grown in Melbourne, CME Tactile has established manufacturing,
testing, production and logistics at our fingertips to deliver the highest quality Tactiole TGSI products that will meet the challenges of our built environment.

Focus on Quality & Compliance

Using a highly advanced polymer and chemical composition combined with our industry leading technology, the CME Tactile mission is to deliver Warning Hazard & Directional TGSI products that –

CME Tactile are high contrast, durable, reliable and safe which are relied upon by visually impaired, differently abled, and other vulnerable members of our community.

CME Tactile manufactures the Tactile TGSI tiles using high grade materials, as because we are invested in improving the accessibility of Australia’s built environment.

Our CME Tactile team is available Monday to Friday to answer your questions.
Call our TSGI Experts: +61 3 8720 7600

Email our Team: tactile@composite.com.au